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Sound Band

Say "goodbye" to ear buds, and say "hello" to the future of personal audio!

Are you tired of your ear buds? Tired of putting them in and taking them out? Tired of removing one (or both) of your ear buds so you can interact with someone or something in the real world? Or are you simply tired of that constant aching feeling associated with ear buds jammed in your ears?

Introducing Sound Band, the long-awaited solution to ear buds. Sound Band is a wireless headset that doesn't use speakers, so it doesn't block your ears. Let us explain how...

Since Sound Band uses surface sound technology (not speakers), your ears are left open to the world around you. That means you no longer have to remove your ear buds to have a conversation, order your third grande latte of the morning, or listen for your stop on the train! With Sound Band, you can still hear the world around you.

Sound Band doesn’t block your ears

Sound Band's unique combination of surface sound technology, leaving your ears open to the world around you, and delivering sound to both ears (as opposed to just one ear) provides a headset experience like no other. Imagine wearing a headset, but experiencing the audio as if it were coming from your home theater system; you can still talk with other people in the room, hear the baby monitor, or answer the door when the pizza guy buzzes in. That's what Sound Band brings that other headsets can't. (And, of course, you can always crank the volume and rock!) Imagine a family of four on a road trip in the family car, with the dad listening to his favorite sports radio program, mom listening to an audio book, son watching a movie, and daughter listening to the latest teenage heartthrob. When Mom asks "Who wants ice cream?", everyone can answer "I do!", and not one of them has to push pause, say "Huh?", or pull out their ear buds. (Of course, the kids might have their Sound Bands turned up so loud that they can't hear Mom anyway, but that isn't Sound Band's fault!)

Perfect for music, phone calls, video conferencing, gaming, intra-office communications, GPS, audio books, news feeds, meeting reminders, or any other wireless personal audio, Sound Band is (literally and figuratively) ready to rock the marketplace.

Sound Band goes everywhere you go!

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